Jordan Helyer: Movement Efficiency, Technical Competency & Patience

Jordan Helyer needs no introduction as he is one of our talented coaches here at ION and a competitive powerlifter that competes under GPC in the 100kg weight class. His best total is 775kg in competition, with a 300kg Squat, 157.5kg Bench Press and a 317.5kg Deadlift. He’s been coaching tennis and S&C for 11 years and powerlifting specifically for 5 years.

In this video, Robin sits down with Jordan to chat about his background as a professional tennis player and his transition into competitive powerlifting, his approach to programmeming and success tips for people looking to get into powerlifting.

Here’s a sneak peek of what Robin and Jordan are chatting about in this special video:

00:55 – Introducing Jordan

01:22 – Jordan’s current daily routine

02:55 – Jordan’s background and his story on how he discovered powerlifting (sporting achievements and talents, and how he moved into the world of powerlifting

06:25 – His transition from professional tennis player to coach

08:55 – His discovery of powerlifting, and gradual transition towards becoming a powerlifter

13:08 – Jordan’s coaching philosophy and beliefs

15:37 – Why consistency and patience play a big role in becoming a successful powerlifter

21:41 – Big influences in Jordan’s career in the world of powerlifting, who he looks up to for inspiration in the field

25:25 – Goals and aspirations for the upcoming events in the next few months

28:27 – Jordan shares his business goals as a coach, where he sees his business going in the nearest future

31:22 – Jordan’s advice and tips for regular gym goers thinking of trying out powerlifting

Check out this video now and let us know what you would like us to talk about in our next upcoming videos! Follow Jordan on Instagram and Facebook for some powerlifting inspiration.

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