4. True Grit: The Indian Ocean Row – Tom Kelly


With a 50% success rate, rowing across the Indian ocean is not for the faint hearted.

But Tom Kelly and 3 friends were one of the successful few that managed the 3100 mile journey from Perth to Mauritius…unassisted, with a broken centrepiece, and as rowing novices.

On this episode Rob asks Tom, how do you plan for success? How do you survive such a monumental life task? And what makes someone ‘gritty’ enough to overcome those life obstacles in the way of achieving goals?

In this episode, Rob chat’s with Tom about:

2:23 Tom’s Life Change

3:38 Why The Indian Ocean Race

5:30 Atlantic Vs Indian = Indian Harder

7:57 3 Years of Physical Planning

9:03 Mimicking 3 Hour Cycles at Home

10:00 Pirates

14:00 20kg Weight Loss and Diet on Board

19:30 Inspiration and Motivation to Survive

23:00 Being Gritty

23:20 Tips To Succeed In Endurance Races

25:00 High’s and Low’s

33:30 Tom’s Morning Routine

34:40 Routine Key for Motivation

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