6. Business, Two Marathon Des Sables’ & Elite Crossfit – Michael Johnson


When he was 30 years old Michael Johnson choose business and work in front of everything else. He was smoking 60 a day and living off coffee. Now in his 50s, he’s one of the fittest men in the world, has twice completed the gruelling Marathon Des Sables through the Sahara Desert but still just as committed to his work – how does he balance business, training and life?

On the latest episode, Robin and Michael discuss:

2:00 Hairdressing or Croupier

5:30 Business Partners

7:30 Having a Mentor

9:50 No Crossfit Coach Can Master Everything

10:30 60 a Day

11:45 Father and Lifestyle Change

16:15 Having a Mindset Coach

18:30 Why a Recovery Day is Key

21:00 The Marathon Des Sables

24:30 Preparing for the Race

28:00 20th Fittest in the World

30:10 Morning Routine and Sleep

36:00 Fasting

41:00 Being Driven

43:00 The People Around Me

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