8. Breaking My Neck Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me – Marc Stcherbina


As a professional rugby player Marc Stcherbina played across the world – beginning his career in his home nation of Australia before moving to France, then England and finally to Wales where in a freak tackle at 32 years old he broke his neck. It was an injury that left him paralysed for a period, and he needed all his mental strength to turn his life around, and to also find a new career.

Yet, not one for pity, Marc, or ‘Stabby’, calls his career ending neck injury ‘the best thing that happened’ to him….

What does it take to have such mental toughness, perseverance and a positive outlook on life after such a dramatic life event?

Discussed on the episode are:

1:00 California Life

3:30 Travel Through Rugby

11:30 Eddy Jones The Straight Shooter

15:00 Worst Game of Robin’s Career

18:00 King Carlos

20:00 Xav Rush, Jonah Lomu, Cardiff

25:00 The Injury

30:40 The Best Thing That Happened To Me

36:00 Next Life Chapter

42:00 Corona Article

44:00 The Why The Discipline

50:30 Relationships and Connections

Here’s a link to Marc’s blog post discussed in the podcast, check it out and have a read:


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