1. Powerlifting, Movement Efficiency, Technical Competency – Jordan Helyer


The ION performance podcast, hosted by Robin Sowden-Taylor and the rest of the ION coaching team in Cardiff, will focus on the three key pillars of:




Speaking to elite professional sportsmen and women, as well as experts with a more scientific or mindset approach to performance, the ION team will bring you key insights from top individuals into how to improve your training, life and wellbeing.

Here’s a shorter edited audio-only version of our first pod (which some of you may have already watched), with Jordan Helyer, available to stream here and to download soon.

In this first podcast, Rob speaks to powerlifting coach Jordan Helyer – https://www.helyerstrength.com – where they discuss Jordan’s background from professional tennis player to lifting, and the two coaches consider the importance of programmeming, consistency and patience when it comes to training.


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